Who We Are & What We Do

Friends of Novato Creek (FNC) is a California 501c3 non profit, volunteer based watershed preservation group. FNC was founded in 2001 by experienced environmental advocates, scientists and biologists for the protection, restoration and improvement of the Novato Creek Watershed. The Novato Creek and its tributaries, is one of the largest watersheds in Marin County: it is located within the Pacific Flyway, and has been identified as habitat for threatened steelhead trout, Chinook salmon and other State and Federally protected and endangered species.

Specific goals of the organization include building watershed awareness through public outreach and hands on programs in partnership with local community and youth groups, schools, and environmental organizations. Friends of Novato Creek is active in numerous Novato Creek Watershed protection efforts including programs such as: water quality monitoring and assessment of data, monitoring hazardous conditions at former Hamilton Air Force Base, habitat assessment, endangered species protection, sign production and placement, curb painting of storm drains to bay, public outreach and communication education on current environmental issues.

Mission Statement

Friends of the Novato Creek is an environmental grassroots organization with the goal of protecting, restoring, and improving the quality of the Novato Creek Watershed. FNC’s goals include building community awareness and understanding of the Novato Creek watershed through hands-on involvement of local community groups, individuals, schools and environmental organizations.

What We Do

Friends of Novato Creek (FNC) conducts monitoring programs throughout the watershed, including streams and water sources that flow directly into the Novato Creek. We also conduct public outreach programs and fund studies monitoring the creek ecosystem and watershed to identify problem areas and propose solutions.

Volunteer Creek Team

A dedicated mix of local community members: kids, teens and adults, local Novato Schools, Boy and Girl Scout troops, YMCA programs, Novato Parks & Rec. The Creek Team participate in multiple environmental clean-up and monitoring projects for the Novato Creek Watershed. Projects include FNC’s water quality monitoring program, creek debris removal, education and outreach events and special training sessions offered to the Novato community. The all volunteer Novato Watershed Creek Training Program provides citizens with the opportunity for direct involvement in scientific assessment, ongoing habitat and water quality monitoring, and overall stewardship and protection of our watershed. FNC also works closely with local stakeholders, governmental agencies, and other environmental groups to develop and facilitate watershed awareness and the adoption of a Novato Creek Watershed Management Plan.

Local Support

FNC has received strong positive support the local community. Our dedicated Board Members and team leaders attend ongoing technical trainings and environmental course work: the College of Marin, Pacific University/Oregon Institute of Graduate Studies, Romberg-Tiburon Center, State of California seminars and many others.

As a non-profit organization, FNC’s funding is from private donations, memberships, grants with the State of California, Marin County Fish and Wildlife, State Regional Water Quality Control Board, the MCSTOPP Program, and Novato Sanitary District.

Donations of any kind are welcomed and are completely tax deductible. Community support in the form of in-kind donations, equipment and extensive volunteer time, are ongoing.